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Body, Mind, & Soul Program for Health, Wellness, and Weight Loss

How many diets have you tried? How many just this year? Or, have you completely given up on losing weight? Are you like me, an expert on diets that don’t work. I understand your struggles. I have struggled with my weight all my life. I have tried every diet, every cleanse, every gimmick and pill which promised quick and everlasting weight loss. I have spent thousands of dollars and risked my health just to be thin. I have even entertained the idea of a trip to Mexico for gastric sleeve surgery.

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 Over the years I have come to terms with my weight, and I have realized I will never be stick thin, but my goal is to be healthy and maintain a weight which is right for me. I hate to exercise, but I have found fun things to do which don’t seem so much like exercise but have served to keep me healthy and strong.

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I was diagnosed with osteopenia a few years back and due to exercise, supplements, and healthy eating, it hasn’t worsened and has even gotten better in some areas.

Most weight loss programs today work well if we actually work them. However, most weight loss programs only treat our physical symptoms. In order to maintain a healthy weight, we need to treat our body, mind, and our spirits. Without treating the person as a whole, or holistically, we will never reach or maintain a healthy weight. Simply being thin isn’t enough. Being thin doesn’t always mean we are healthy. Being healthy translates into being happy and feeling good. As we get healthy it is easier and easier to reach and maintain a healthy weight.

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 If you decide to do the Body, Mind, & Soul Program,  I will help you become healthy in all areas of your body, mind, and spirit. No program will work long-term, if we don’t work on the reasons we gained weight to begin with. Many times we eat because our spirit is lacking support, we are sad or depressed, or are even physically addicted to certain foods. Yes, addicted!  I can help you break those addictions once and for all, and I can encourage you to lose weight in a healthy manner, and keep it off.

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We have weekly group meetings, or we can meet privately. We will customize a program that fits your needs physically, spiritually, and mentally. It is up to you, it is your program, I will be there to help you achieve success every step of the way.

Are you ready to lose some weight and look great for the holidays?

We now have an online program! In case you don’t live in our area, or don’t want to go out in the evening to attend a meeting, we are now doing classes online. We just finished our test/pilot group. Out of 8 people who participated in the 8-week program, they lost a total of 91.5 pounds, only 6 kept track of the inches they lost, but those 6 lost a total of 44.5 inches. The pictures and below were after only 8 weeks.


Online Classes

We now have an online program! In case you don’t live in our area, or don’t want to go out in the evening to attend a meeting, we are now doing classes online. We just finished our test/…

Here is what Jenny P. had to say about our online class:

I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. I’ve tried every supplement, weight loss pill, drink and shake on the market. I have had zero success and on top of it, lost a ton of money. I was always slightly interested in Sharon’s health and wellness classes, but certainly not ready to make the “sacrifice”. To me, it seemed like something totally unattainable for me to commit to no sugar or flour.
Well, Sharon asked me to take part in her online pilot class and I was reluctant. My ego was pushing me so far towards Dairy Queen and away from attaining a healthier, happier me. But I accepted under the strict rule that I must participate. I was ready, but it wasn’t easy. It was emotional, and I was less than pleasant in the beginning. But, it only took a few weeks to get comfortable in my new lifestyle and I started to see changes. My knees and hips were no longer aching, my bad cravings had subsided. I actually wanted to order broccoli with my steak. Here I am, at about the 4-month mark and I’m down 25 lbs and slowly losing more every week. Sharon taught us many ways to not only feed our bodies in a healthy way, but many skills on living a balanced lifestyle. Her classes are truly the best decision I ever made.
❤️Jenny P


Here is what Marie had to say about the online class:

In July I completed my level one class with Sharon Bachman. During the 8-week course we learned how to find healthy foods, balance our mental and emotional selves and how to be healthy over all aspects of our life’s. I will say I was a stick in the mud prior to the class about not having sugar and flour. But over the entire program I lost 12-14 lbs. and have kept it off in the following weeks. I have more energy and a lot less stiffness when I get up. I am so excited that this has helped me in so many areas. I hope to complete the level 2 class with just as much success.

Black is week before starting. Pink it today.

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See what Kim and Beau have to say about our online class:


Beau and I just completed the level-1 online Body, Mind, and Soul program that Sharon Bachman puts on!

  • I lost 8 lbs. and I feel healthy! I’m fitting into my clothes better and I’m learning healthier ways to deal with my stress (that don’t involve binge eating)
    Beaulost over 20 lbs. and was such a skeptic about the benefits of the diet plan. He says that he wakes up in a lot less pain nowadays!

Over the course we learned all about nutrition and how to deal with stress and cravings. I can honestly say that this is the first program I’ve been able to thrive in. The diet plan is simple and easy to follow. I loved my group too! They made it so fun and it helped knowing I wasn’t in it alone! I can’t wait to start the Level 2 class!

Kim Before and after

Beau before and After