If anyone is interested in seeking improved health in the New Year I highly recommend Sharon Bachman at Body, Mind and Soul Support Solutions. I took her Level 1 class and have lost over 40 pounds in less than 4 months! All by just following her simple diet plan. I was also dealing with severe gastritis and ulcers and since following her plan my symptoms have improved dramatically. The class also teaches whole body health including stress management (which was a huge one for me) and emotional health through lifestyle changes. Don’t invest in some fad pyramid scheme that is temporary. Invest in yourself with an education in health! I still have lots to learn and am excited to start her Level 2 class!






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These testimonials were letters of recommendations used to help get me accepted and evaluated by Prescott College Evaluators, but the letters speak for themselves. Follow the links to view the letters not available here, and browse the letters that are:

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