Journaling is beneficial to all aspects of our lives. Take a look at how journaling can help transform your life:

Journaling for Joy


Journaling can be beneficial to your well-being. It is therapeutic and healing or can be just for fun and self-expression. Research has proven journaling has the power to improve our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. It has also been proven to:

  • Help you find peace
  • Decrease your heart rate and lower blood pressure
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Improve your self-esteem.
  • Help you manage stress
  • Help you prioritize the important things in your life.
  • Helps you let go of negativity
  • Helps you tap into your “inner ding”
  • Be creative, fun, and happy
  • Honor yourself, your life, your true friends, and family
  • Find gratitude and abundance
  • Tap into the Universal source of energy
  • Send out positivity in the Universe


“When we allow ourselves quietness and inner contact regularly, we may no longer need to get sick in order for our inner selves to get our attention.”

Shakti Gawain


My Personal experience

When I pick up my pen and paper, I go to a place of great joy, grief, darkness, laughter, transformation, spirituality, celebration, creativity. I write to remember, and forget. I write to heal, and find inspiration. Sometimes I even amaze myself; I wonder how I came up with such a great piece.

Journaling is meditation with a pen in my hand. Journaling is a place I can listen to my inner self. Find what is truly important in my life.


Find a quiet, inspirational “sit” spot

I find it helpful to find a quiet, inspirational “sit” spot. Mine is a place amongst the trees by my house. A digital-free zone. A place where I can feel the breeze, and hear the birds.


“It is easier, sometimes to become focused on the healing of our outer lives, of the world than it is to look at the need for healing our inner lives.”


Susan Borkin

Make it yours


Make it your journal. A place where you can use colored pencils, markers, stickers, black ink. A place where you can doodle. Slow down, breathe, and write. Listen to your heart. Listen to your body. It whispers, and if we aren’t still we can’t hear what it has to say. Write those whispers down on paper. While writing you are training your mind to listen to what your heart and your body is telling you. You may also learn to listen to your soul.


Quiet your ego

We all have times when our self-talk, usually from our ego, tries to sabotage us. The inner critic, brings us stress, anxiety and fear which can derail our best intentions. We need to find ways to quiet the ego or inner critic.  Law of attraction experts teach us that what we focus on grows, what we believe and think about is what we ultimately manifest in our lives. Reaching our highest potential means we must silence our ego. In short, with journaling, you can quiet the ego, create an abundant mindset, and literally write things down and make them happen. The power of intention combined with the energy of emotion sprinkled with your truth creates an alchemy of desire, that when put on the page of your journal is like casting a spell into the Universe!


Prompts or activities

Write a letter to your ego telling him why you won’t let him sabotage you.


Tell your ego what tools you are going to use against him.


What are you really good at? Don’t be modest, it is your journal, toot your horn.


What made you so good at this?


Do you have a craving? Reach for your journal instead of food. Explain how drinking a glass of water helped your food craving.


Write a meditation or a prayer of gratitude. What are you thankful for today. What is your Universal gift for the day? Explain how you enjoyed it and how special you are to be able to receive such a beautiful gift from God or the Universe. Explain it in great detail, what did it look like, how did it make you feel.


Write about what clutters your life. Is it actual clutter or is it negative people? How and what are you going to clean out of your life and what is my life going to feel like once I am organized and clutter free?


Write how important it is to be spiritual. What are your beliefs. What in your beliefs do you doubt and what do you hold as truths.


Write about your worst and your best habit. How can you break the bad habit and nurture the good one.


Write a letter or an email to an old friend. Tell them what you have been up to. Explain what their friendship means to you. Either send or not.


Write a break-up letter to a negative person or event in your life. Get all those negative feelings out of you and on to paper. It is perfectly fine not to mail the letter.

Write about your happiest time. How you felt, what was it, how can you recreate that happiness?


Write a fiction story. Come on, be brave. No-one is going to read it unless you want them to. Nurture your creative side!


Use images as prompts



Ok, you get the idea…now write!

Author: sharonbachman2108

I live on a small ranch in Northern Nevada. I show dogs and cutting horses. I enjoy animals, nature, and my family. I own Body, Mind, & Soul Support Solutions and will be doing individual coaching and creating and facilitating support groups.

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