Willpower isn’t what you think

If you are feeling bad and mad at yourself for not having the “willpower” needed to lose weight, I’ll make you feel a little better. Willpower isn’t a part of our moral fiber like we have been lead to believe for years. We aren’t “weak-willed”. Modern neuroscience has discovered that willpower is a simple brain function carried out by the anterior cingulate cortex which is also responsible for rational decision making. After making crucial decisions and resisting food, and non-food temptations, all day, we fall into a “willpower gap” and our will power is depleted. Modern living and modern eating has damaged our simple brain functions. I look forward to teaching you how to heal those simple brain functions, which will leave us happy, thin, free of food obsessions. Body, Mind, and Soul Support Solutions, in Elko, Nevada has health and wellness groups which can teach you some simple principles of neuroscience which affect our health, happiness, and weight loss. Knowledge is power, and learning more about how our brain deals with certain foods and stimulus is key to understanding what  we are doing to our bodies by eating certain foods such as sugar and flour and drinking mass quantities of alcohol. The more we understand the sooner we can take control. Call to reserve your spot in one of our classes or make an appointment for a one on one consultation.

Author: sharonbachman2108

I live on a small ranch in Northern Nevada. I show dogs and cutting horses. I enjoy animals, nature, and my family. I own Body, Mind, & Soul Support Solutions and will be doing individual coaching and creating and facilitating support groups.

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